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l. to r.: Consul General István Pásztor, Counselor of National Cohesion B. Nagy Péter, Zsuzsa Lengyel, EPF


Erika Papp Faber

At the Trianon commemoration in Wallingford, CT on June 5th, the Magyar News Online Team was presented with a Certificate of Honor by the Hungarian Consulate General of New York. 

The MNO Team was composed of István Arato, Charles Bálintitt Jr, Zita Balogh, Erika Papp Faber, Eliz Kakas, Zsuzsa Lengyel, Judit Vasmatics Paolini, Karolina Tima Szabo, Olga Vállay Szokolay and Éva Wajda.

The beautifully framed document, bearing a photograph of Joseph Pulitzer, is signed by the Honorable István Pásztor, Consul General, and Peter B. Nagy, Counselor of National Cohesion.  The text reads:




Magyar News Online Team CT 

"In grateful recognition of your dedication and commitment towards preserving and nurturing the values of Hungarian cultural heritage in the United States of America. 

"The Hungarian Consfulate General in New York hereby presents you with this Certificate of Honor in remembrance of the famous Hungarian-American publisher, journalist

Joseph Pulitzer*

on the 110th anniversary of his death

"Your tireless efforts have been a source of inspiration of those around you and we hope you will continue to serve as a valuable supporter of the Hungarian culture in the United States. 


  (Signed) István Pásztor                                                                           Peter B. Nagy  
               Consul General                                                                          Counselor of National Cohesion


New York, 2021.06.05"

We are most grateful for this official recognition of our work!

*Joseph Pulitzer (1847-1911) was born in Makó, Hungary, son of a poor grain agent.  He emigrated to the US in 1864, and eventually became owner of several newspapers which he rescued from bankruptcy and turned into popular dailies.  He was so successful that he became a millionaire, and bequeathed some 20 million dollars to Columbia University for the foundation of a school of journalism.  The accruing interest is awarded annually to outstanding journalists in the form of Pulitzer Prizes.

(In the March 2009 issue of Magyar News Online, in the Did you know...? section, we had written about Joseph Pulitzer’s fundraiser that built the pedestal for the Statue of Liberty. If you request the pdf version of that month, as described in the ”Notice” piece here, you can read the story yourself!)






  (Signed) István Pásztor                                        Peter B. Nagy  
               Consul General                                        Counselor of National Cohesion  

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