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Sun, Jun 13, 2021
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MNO Swan Song

Erika Papp Faber 

According to an old Hungarian song,

          „Minden elmúlik egyszer,
         minden végéhez ér ...”

       ”Everything passes away,
          everything comes to an end...”

After 14 years, it’s our turn.

Magyar News Online, successor to Joseph Balogh’s printed Magyar News, is shutting down with this issue.

We’ve had a wonderful run!  We learned a lot, as we delved into Hungarian history and customs, into folk songs and heroes – famous and not so famous – and explored the roots we all have in common.

But now it’s time to close up shop.   None of us is getting any younger, and we’re running out of steam. 

The MNO team has become a close-knit group, and we will greatly miss the cameraderie of our monthly planning meetings (even if via zoom in this last year).   But as much fun as all the research has been, it doesn’t get any easier with time, nor does the putting together of each issue.  While members of the team will keep in touch with each other, we need to move on ...

We all thank you for looking us up every month, and for your donations that allowed us to be on the internet all these years.  We hope that through our efforts you too have come to a greater appreciation of our common millennial heritage, and have become even prouder of having Magyar blood!

So it’s time to say good-bye – and may God bless you and us and all Hungarians, wherever they may be! 

Isten, áldd meg a magyart!

P.S.  The website will be up until the end of June. 

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