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A golden oriole, probably the bird the author saw in his dream.

A simple little poem for Mothers' Day.  The author describes a dream in which he saw a golden garden, with a golden bird sitting on a golden branch.  He wishes his Mom as many blessings as there are leaves on a branch, drops of dew on grass and flowers.

           Anyának / For Mom

              Móra Ferenc


Álmomban az éjszaka
aranykertben jártam.
Aranykertben aranyfán
aranyrigót láttam.
Aranyrigó énekét
a szívembe zártam.
Ahány levél lengedez
szél ringatta ágon,
ahány harmatcsepp ragyog
fűszálon, virágon
Édesanyám, fejedre
annyi áldás szálljon.




Móra Ferenc (1879-1934) was a journalist and writer of novels.  He was a prominent figure in youth literature. In 1917, he was appointed Director of the combined library and museum of Szeged and Csongrád County, a position he held until his death.  The Museum of Szeged is now named after him.  

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