It’s a Small World – Once Removed!


On the bus tour of the Southwest in 2008 with my friend Zsuzsa Lengyel (our Associate Webmaster), we spoke among ourselves mostly in Hungarian.  After a few days, one of the ladies on the bus, who also lived in Connecticut, asked me what language we were speaking.  When I told her it was Hungarian, she replied:  “I have a Hungarian neighbor.” 

“And what is his name?”  I asked.

“Tibor Kerekes”, came the reply.

“There was a Professor Tibor Kerekes at Georgetown University, head of the history department, in my time,” I replied with growing interest.

“My neighbor is a professor at Georgetown too,” came the answer.

Thinking for a minute, I replied:  “It can’t be the same man... I graduated in 1960!”

“It must have been his father, then”, continued the lady.

“That’s more likely!  He had been injured in the war, and had lost one arm,”  I reminisced.

“That is true!”  she replied. 

How likely is it that one would meet a stranger who knew the son of a professor from almost 50 years ago – in the Southwest, of all places? 

But it happened – because it IS a small world, even if once removed!