Flower Power – Hungarian style

Flower Power – Hungarian style

Karolina Tima Szabo 

On March 2nd I visited the Philadelphia Flower Show for the fourth time.  This year, it was called “Flower Power”, and I went with two good friends.  It was the first day of the exhibit, and the place was full of visitors, one could hardly move. Slowly I was able to advance to see those gorgeous creations; some take your breath away.  It makes you wonder how someone can dream up those exquisite, beautiful, “out of this world” compositions.

You can imagine that my heart skipped a beat when I was moving along and saw a Hungarian flag, and then a sign with a handsome face that belongs to Mezőffy Tamás.

As I was reading further, I found that he grew up in the area that is so dear to me, by Lake Balaton in Hungary.  He admits he always loved nature, which I can understand, since even his name “Mezőffy” (based on the word for “field”) suggests that.  He has been doing flower composition since he was a child.  His inspirations come from nature.   He entered his first competition  when he was only 15 years old.  He attended a horticultural school and within the first few weeks he knew that he wanted to be a florist.  During his school years he was allowed to enter adults’ competitions. That tells me that his talent was way ahead of his age.

He spent some time in Finland in an exchange program and arrived home with lots of experience which shows in the many awards he won since the age of 15.  He has competed not only in his native country but all over the world – in Korea, Japan, Netherlands, Italy, Czech Republic and many other countries.  He is a current Europa Cup Champion which he won when he introduced his masterpiece “Symphony in Bloom” three years ago.

Mezőffy Tamás represented Hungary in the 2019 Interflora World Cup, at which he won third place during the first weekend of March.

I regret that I did not meet Tamás in Philadelphia, but I’m very happy to show you his floral compositions on exhibit.

He is a very talented and hardworking young man and we wish him much more success in the future.