Csongrád Memorial Plaque to Honor Women Abused in WWII

Photo by Török János, delmagyar.hu,2019.02.24

Csongrád Memorial Plaque to Honor Women Abused in WWII

viola vonfi 

We all know that war is hell, and World War II was no exception.  Not only were many men killed on the front, but the women and girls left behind were physically and psychologically ruined by the Soviet troops that overran the country.  The women and girls of Csongrád – some 260 of whom reported such abuse – were not the only ones who underwent this fate, but that city is the first in all of Europe to have such a memorial.

A bas relief plaque paying respect to these women and to human dignity in general was placed on the wall of the Tari László Múzeum and dedicated on February 24th of this year. It was created by Máté Hunor and Losonczi Áron.  The plaque is made of light-transmitting concrete, while the bas-relief is made of bronze.  It attempts to present the pain and humiliation these women and girls experienced, including unwanted pregnancies and sicknesses, which they were not even allowed to mention until the 1990s, after the withdrawal of Russian troops from the country.

Light-transmitting concrete is the invention of Losonczi Áron, a native of Csongrád, who called it LiTraCon.  Thousands of optical glass fibers allow light to come through on the other side of the concrete block, as if it were rice paper. He won several suits against multinational firms that had pirated his idea, and the Appeals Council of the European Patent Office decided in his favor in 2013.