It's a Small World!

Karolina Tima Szabó

My daughter-in-law, Debbie went to pick up a take-out dinner at the restaurant on a Friday night.  She wore a T-shirt from a Hard Rock Café of Budapest.

Ahead of her at the register was a lady who looked back and saw Debbie’s T-shirt and the following conversation took place:

The lady asked Debbie whether she’d been to Budapest.

Debbie said, “No, but my husband’s family all lives in Hungary, and I got the shirt from my mother-in-law.”

The lady then said, “I always wanted to go, but I never did. My brother did.  We are Hungarians. Our last name is Sabo, without a ‘z’. Do you know anybody by that name in Trumbull? “

Debbie replied, “Sorry, no, I don’t know anybody, but my last name is Szabo too, with a ‘z’. “

What a small world!

Karolina Tima Szabo is a retired Systems Analyst of the Connecticut Post newspaper and  Webmaster of Magyar News Online.  She is the proud grandmother of two.