Did you know…

Did you know…

…that two young artists were redesigning the “szegedi papucs” (slippers of Szeged)? 

szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu reported that Attalai Zita, designer and Sallay Tibor, slipper maker master are redesigning the slippers to comply with the demands of the 21st century.

The new styles will be exhibited at the Műcsarnok this year. (See Oct 2011 issue of MNO - szegedi papucs article). 

...that a memorial to religious freedom has recently been dedicated in Torda? The work of Liviu Mocan, it was erected on January 13th this year, on the South side of the church in which the Edict of Religious Toleration was adopted in 1458 (see our March 2018 issue). 

The ladder represents the rising to heaven (lit. "to the stars" - Ad astra - which is its official title), with the dove symbolizing the soul flying freely to God.

This photo by Sántha Imre Géza was posted on the Köztérkép website and is used here by permission.

... that a bas-relief of St. George the Dragon-Slayer was dedicated very recently - on April 27th - in Zalaegerszeg?  Sculpted by Németh János, it was placed on the wall of the police headquarters. The caption reads: St. George, give us courage!
It reminds us of our article "St. George, Patron Saint of the Police" in our April issue.  
The photo was posted by Czigány Árpád on the Köztérkép website.  We have received permission to use it.