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Not from Santa Claus, nor the Angels!
     It is not a secret, since many newspapers have let their readers know about the 23-member theft ring that was doing a "favor" to the Hungarians.   It seems that they were very busy in the states of New York, Connecticut, Florida and other locations, stealing motorcycles off the streets and out of garages. They knew exactly what they were looking for - high end machines like Harley Davidsons (worth perhaps  $ 50,000), and a Suzuki model with a speed of over 200 miles per hour. In the latter case, the price of the machine reflects its high performance. If members of the ring came across a Honda, it was included as well. To make their goal of $ 400 million, the thieves stole hundreds of motorcycles, as well as spare parts.
     Being expert thieves, the members of the ring replaced the serial numbers on the motorcycles. The cycles were then shipped to Budapest and sold there. So, now you know!
     Joseph Balogh is Publisher Emeritus of Magyar News Online. Previously, he was publisher of the print version of Magyar News for 18 years.

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