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Hungarian meatballs or fasirozott
When my family and I went to visit relatives in Hungary, we were served what they called Fasirozott, which sounds just like Hungarian hamburgers, only Fasirozott was translated to me as Hungarian meatballs.
They made them twice for us, once at a gathering of over 20 relatives. My youngest daughter sat at the table right in front of the fasirozott plate. She was 6 at the time, and she kept helping herself to them, and ate most of them.
While I was embarrassed she was making a pig of herself, everyone else was laughing and joking at her love for them. At least I think they were, I couldn't understand them. I asked for the recipe and here is what they gave me. I watched while they were being made, but I didn't get exact amounts. I just wing it and they turn out great every time.


Ground pork
crumbled bread or bread crumbs
eggs ( they used 3 eggs, but they made a huge amount, so I cut the egg down to one or two),
salt ( just a very little)
Deli-Kat seasoning, which I found is the same as Vegeta, and I've made them using chicken soup base if I didn't have Vegeta.
Mix all ingredients together and make them into patties.
Fry 'em up and eat away!
Margaret Michael Paull wrote:

Hungarian Hamburgers
1 lb. ground pork
one small onion chopped
one teaspoon parsley
1 beaten egg
one teaspoon salt
three (3) slices white bread crumbled
one clove garlic
three tablespoons canned milk or cream
bread crumbs for coating the hamburgers

Mix bread, egg, onion, parsley, seasonings, garlic, and milk or cream in a food processor. Add pork and mix well.
Shape into patties. Dip into bread crumbs and fry.
Enjoy, they are delicious.

Margaret Paull, NJ

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