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Did you know…

Design of the Puli Lunar Water Snooper’s interior (Photo: Puli Space Project)

Did you know…

…that the Hungarian Puli can snoop water?  Correct!  Out of 132 entries, from 29 countries, the Puli Lunar Water Snooper won 1st prize on the NASA “Honey, I Shrunk the NASA Payload” challenge.

NASA needed a small device to detect water on the Moon’s surface.  The engineers and scientists of Puli Space Technologies of Budapest, Hungary developed the Puli.  It’s the size of a bar of soap and weighs only 14 oz.  With the help of its sensors, it can detect hydrogen, measure its quantity and distribution in the Moon’s soil.  It has its own rover, which has four steerable independent wheels, and was already tested on a Moon-like surface.  If mounted on a larger rover, it can also map out larger areas.

NASA is funding further developments of the device with $220,000.  The project, according to plans, will be ready by January 2022.

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