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It’s a Small World!

It’s a Small World!

Olga Vállay Szokolay

Being a rather private person, the voluntary quarantine is no significant change from my retired life.  Having lived in my house for 40 years had acquainted me with no more than a handful of people on my street.  Nevertheless, my daughter Sylvia is one of the most gregarious persons. During her last visit from Colorado, in her walks she met and befriended my next-door neighbor whose identity I had no idea about, even though – as it turned out – they had moved in there five years ago. Their little girl, almost four-year old Sienna, must be the best-behaved child since I haven’t even realized her existence all this time.

Her parents are friendly and easygoing.  He is manager at a Trader Joe’s store and immediately offered to do shopping for me and bring it to my door.  I took him up on that kind offer.  When he delivered, we chatted a while at the door. It turned out that while his wife is of all Italian stock, on his father’s side he is Italian, but his mother is – lo and behold – Hungarian!  He is even familiar with chicken paprikash…

When weather will allow outdoor sitting, I hope we can develop closer contacts, with some Hungarian delicacies!




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