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After World War II, we lived in Hannover for two years, in two rooms in someone’s apartment allocated to us by the housing authority.  This someone, a Frau B., made life quite unpleasant, especially for my Mother.  Among ourselves, we called Frau B. a witch. 

After those two years, we were able to move to Essen, into ONE room allocated to us (that’s another story!). Essen is where my brother Remy met Agnes, his wife-to-be.  Then we emigrated to America, and they corresponded for 6 years, before Remy finished his engineering degree and was able to think of marriage. 

In 1955, he booked passage on a liner to Bremen, to marry Agnes. In Bremen, Agnes was dockside, among a crowd of people who had come to meet family and friends.  She noticed a very unpleasant old woman in the crowd near her, who loudly commented on the people disembarking.  As Remy came down the ramp, scanning the people for Agnes, this woman – you guessed it, Frau B.! – loudly yelled, ”Herr Papp!” and threw her arms around his neck.  Agnes was flabbergasted! Who was this woman??? 

Remy had to explain ... and to this day, we believe she really WAS a witch!  How else did she know where to go (Bremen is not near Hannover!), which boat to meet, and where to stand as Remy disembarked? 

Yes, it was a meeting to remember – but not with a smile!

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