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Snapshots: Penészlek

Snapshots: Penészlek

viola vonfi

The name of the village was first mentioned in a document dating to 1327.  In the 17th century, it was devastated by the Turks, as were most other places in Hungary.  Eventually, Ruthenians from the Munkács area settled there, so that in 1773 it was described as a Ruthenian village.  However, by 2001, its population of 1,037 people registered as 98% Hungarian,  and 2% Roma.

Penészlek is known for its Byzantine rite church, decorated by the well-known artist Takács István (1901-1985), whose frescoes, altar pieces and Stations of the Cross adorn over 300 Hungarian churches!  Scenes of Matyó life (from the Mezőkövesd area) are often interwoven in Takács’ religious themes.  (He would be a great topic for a future issue!) 

Fishermen find good sport at Penészlek’s Dózer Lake. 


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