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Monument of National Cohesion with Trianon Flame
Monument of National Cohesion with Trianon Flame

The 100-meter walk down to the actual monument is lined with granite walls on which are inscribed the names of the 12,537 settlements of Hungary as they had been listed in the last pre-Trianon statistics of 1913.

The names are randomly placed, care having been taken to avoid having the names of neighboring localities next to each other.  The size of the inscriptions varies according to the size of the settlement.  The names are from within and outside the current boundaries of Hungary.

Fifteen feet below street level, at the end of the walk is a block of granite, in the center of which is the eternal flame representing Hungary.  The flame may be observed through seven slits in the block, signifying the seven countries which now surround Hungary, where Hungarians live on their ancestral lands.

One can walk around the granite block and come up again to street level.

Eventually, plants will line the two long sides of the site at street level, to prevent people from falling into the walk.  This planned landscaping has left the trees on the street undisturbed.

The area of the actual granite block is covered, at street level, with rough cobblestones.

At present, the visitor will find no explanatory plaques or other information concerning the monument. 


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