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Saga of the Miraculous Stag / Rege a Csodaszarvasr├│l

Saga of the Miraculous Stag / Rege a Csodaszarvasról

Karolina Tima Szabo 

According to the Bible, Noah had three sons, Sham, Ham and Japheth.  From Japheth’s youngest son descended a giant of a man named Ménrót.

From here on, the rest is legend.  According to that legend, Ménrót married Enéh, and they had two sons, Hunor and Magor.

During the Hungarian tribes’ migration to the West, Hunor and Magor went hunting.  They found themselves in the swamps of Meotis (the area of today’s Sea of Azov).  Suddenly, a stag appeared.  Its hair was white like the snow, its eyes shone like diamonds.  The brothers started to pursue it, until the stag disappeared.  For days they looked all over but could not find it.  But they found themselves on an island, where the grass was lush, fish and wild game were plenty, honey was dripping from the trees; it was a perfect place to settle down.

They went home to ask their father’s permission to move there, and he agreed.  Hunor and Magor, with 50 knights each, started to go back to the island.  On the way, they heard music and singing.  Getting closer, they saw a group of girls, like fairies, dancing and singing.  In the middle of the circle were the two prettiest ones; they were the daughters of Dulan, the Alan tribe’s prince.  The men kidnapped the girls; Hunor and Magor married the two princesses.  The girls did not resist, since Hunor and Magor were both handsome young men.  Of the marriage of Hunor came the Huns, of Magor the Magyars.

This is the legend of the Miraculous Stag that led Hunor and Magor to their wives and to the beginning of two nations.

Karolina Tima Szabo is a retired Systems Analyst of the Connecticut Post newspaper and is Webmaster of Magyar News Online.  


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