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Sun, Jun 13, 2021
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Kicsi a világ! It’s a Small World!

When I was freelancing in the early 1980s, I once interviewed a Jesuit missionary who had set up an agricultural and technical school in the Carolina Islands in the Pacific.  Students speaking different Polynesian languages came from all the island groups of Micronesia and were taught basic courses in agriculture, construction and mechanics, in English, the lingua franca of the area.   

In describing the volunteer teaching staff, the priest explained: ”We try to recruit older persons – men 50 to 60 – who are highly skilled technicians.”

Without knowing my background, he continued, ”For example, there is a 70-year old Hungarian refugee who is an expert in the breeding of swine.  He has written a book, Tropical Swine Raising, originally published by the government, which we are re-issuing to meet the demand from around the world...”

I gasped! I certainly never suspected a Hungarian expert in the Pacific!  But then again, why not?  We pop up everywhere ... because – all together now! – ”IT’S A SMALL WORLD!”

P.S. I never learned his name ...

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