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Did you know ...

Grave of Sávoly Ferenc - Óbuda cemetery

Did you know ...

... that Hungarians won six gold medals at the 11th World Transplant Winter Games held in Banff, Canada in February?  They were among the 100 organ recipient athletes from 17 countries, who competed in downhill and cross-country skiing, curling and snowboarding.  

The seven-member Hungarian team was led by Berente Judit, who received a kidney transplant 25 years ago.  She won 3 gold medals: in the one-hour ski run, a 5-kilometer ski run and a biathlon.

Szervánszky Zsolt, recipient of a kidney transplant from his father, won two gold medals in snowboarding. 

14-year old Végh Ágota, who also had received a kidney, won a gold medal in Alpine parallel ski slalom, and two silver.

Mátyás László, who had had a heart transplant, came in second in the parallel slalom, and won a bronze in the giant slalom.

Kőműves Luca, who had a liver transplant, won 4 silver medals in Alpine events.

Gelencsér Róbert won a bronze medal in snowshoeing. 

To be eligible to enter, competitors must have been transplanted for at least 1 year, have stable graft function, be medically fit and have trained at the events in which they have entered. 

The event is meant to demonstrate the value of organ transplants and to encourage people to register as donors. 

... that April 29th marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of Sávoly Ferenc, founder of Hungarian agro-meteorology?  Born in Alsóelemér in 1870, he initiated the establishment, within the Meteorological Institute, of the agro-meteorological department, of which he became the director.  Beginning in 1925, he taught climate science at the József Technical University.  In 1927, he became Assistant Director of the Hungarian Agricultural Museum, advancing to Director in 1936.

His interest extended to the connection of meteorology with the sickness of plants, and his research in this field brought him recognition and awards. He studied the problems of forestation, and the wind patterns of the Alföld.

He became a regular contributor to the journal “Az Időjárás” (The Weather), for which he prepared the monthly report on Hungarian meteorology.  He died on May 16th, 1938. 

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