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Venice, FL Remembers Trianon
Venice, FL Remembers Trianon

Dr. György Krajcsik at the podium; members of the Jámbor Lajos Scout Troop

Members of the Petőfi Klub, Kossuth Klub and numerous guests gathered in the hall of the Hungarian Christian Society for this historic retrospective.

The program was introduced by Noémi Szilágyi, President of the Petőfi Klub of Venice, FL.  The main speaker was Sándor Sasvári, who gave a historical summary of Trianon.  Dr. György Krajcsik, President of the Sarasota Kossuth Klub, recited an appropriate poem.

To me, the most moving part of the program was Róbert Velkei’s reading of ”The Day Hungary was ’Crucified’” by Viktor Padányi (see the June 2010 issue of Magyar News Online). 

A student of the Liszt Ferenc Music Academy, Ákos Gubinecz, visiting in Venice, gave a presentation of folk music on the zither. He was joined by several members of the Baráti Kör. 

Also participating were members of the No. 9 Jámbor Lajos Scout Troop, accredited in 2015, and also led by Noémi. 

The Rev. Sándor Kulcsár, retired minister, gave a closing prayer.


Eliz Kakas, a long-time resident of Fairfield, CT  and still a member of the MNO Editorial Board, writes from Florida.

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