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Did you know...
Did you know...

...that the Hungarian men’s waterpolo team just became the best in Europe  – for the THIRTEENTH time?  Once again hosting the championship event,  the Hungarians defeated Spain with 15 wins and three draws.  Ria, ria, Hungária!   

 ... that the Budapest Chain Bridge  (see the October 2016 issue of Magyar News Online), completed in November 1849 and last renovated in 1986, is once again in need of repairs?  The massive renovation deemed necessary vastly exceeds the city’s available assets, and the suggested joint repair project with the upgrading of the Tunnel does not seem feasible at this time.  Meanwhile, traffic on the Chain Bridge is being restricted, with the banning of tourist buses and trucks having a capacity of over 5 tons.  It is possible that all vehicle traffic will be banned in the future, and the Chain Bridge will become a footbridge only. 

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