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Ha napfényes Vízkereszt
  Ha napfényes Vízkereszt
  Arany János
  Ha napfényes Vízkereszt
  Megcsordítja az ereszt,
  Akkor évben jól ereszt
  A kalász és a gerezd.
  Öregektől tudom ezt,
  Higyjük el, probatum est.
  Kelt: hoc anno, Buda-Peszt.

Arany János (1817-1882) is best known for his narrative poems and ballads, his thoroughly Hungarian way of thinking and expression.  He recalled national heroes and revived ancient legends, revitalizing national consciousness and pride after the 1848 bid for freedom had been crushed. His prodigious output was published in eight volumes, and his son edited four more volumes of his prose and correspondence.

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