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New Colors in the Hungarian Spectrum?
New Colors in the Hungarian Spectrum?

He calls himself a blues-man, but Hungarian-born Little G Weevil is so much more -- guitarist, singer, songwriter, lyricist and producer.  He is internationally known for his authentic style, heavily influenced by Southern Blues and Funk music, especially by Mississippi Delta Blues.

Born in Budapest as Gábor Szűcs, at age 17 he was drawn to John Lee Hooter, which set in motion his fascination with blues music, and later he chose as his mentors Lightnin’ Hopkins, B.B. King and Chuck Berry.

Many blues lovers feel he is simply the best musician, very talented, with a golden soulful heart.

Gee is the 2013 solo winner of the Blues Foundation`s International Blues Challenge (Memphis).  As of today, he is the only European solo performer to win the title in the United States.  He was also awarded Best Guitarist in his category.

During his time in the USA (2004-2019) he released six highly acclaimed albums and received a Blues Music Award, Blues Blast Music Award and two Independent Blues Award nominations.  His independent record label is Vizztone Label Group, XLNT Records.

The multiple-award winner lived in Atlanta, Georgia until February, 2019, when he moved back to Budapest, where he intends to build his permanent home.  He had missed the intimate connection with people speaking his own native tongue.

His song, “A long way to be from my sweet Balaton lake” is from his album, Moving.

He has come home.

ZsuZsa Simándy is a psychotherapist, a blues lover, and a writer.  Her memoir is called GATHERING ROSES, THORNS AND ALL, and she is currently translating the soulful poems of Reményik Sándor.

Recently, Like G. Weevil, ZsuZsa went home.

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