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October 23rd Remembrance in Fairfield, CT

Top: Zsuzsa Lengyel, Consul Peter B. Nagy, Irén (Ircsi) Fehér; Middle: Noémi and Dániel, Laura of Pilvax Players; Olivér Valu; Bottom: Some of the audience

October 23rd Remembrance in Fairfield, CT


The program in the Fairfield Historical Society included a recital by Irén Fehér of Márai’s ”Mennyből az angyal” as only she can recite it, and Olivér Valu singing a Hungarian version of ”What a Friend we have in Jesus”.  This was followed by a presentation reminiscent of the Revolution of 1956 by the Pilvax Players of New York, a small troupe of young amateur actors whose aim is to attract young people by positive literary programs. Their novel way of bringing to life Gyula Illyés’ poem ”A Sentence About Tyranny” was preceded by János Arany’s ”Rozgonyiné”, the wife of a 15th century Hungarian warrior who donned armor to fight against the Turks and helped save the king’s life in battle.  We hope to see more of their work in the future.


The ladies of the organizing committee did themselves proud by their contributions of wonderful Hungarian home-baked pastries.  Many thanks to each of them! 

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