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Let Us Remember! Emlékezzünk!

Lakatos Pál


It was a Sunday.

On that sleepy dawn, the city still turned over on its other side.  Sleep still reigned in the rooms.

Having ended the strike, the nation prepared to go to work the next day.

But by then, the tracks of the Russian tanks were creaking through the streets. After having rid themselves of their rotten load, the traitors arriving in Budapest with and by them.

Of Kádár and his companions.

In Budapest and the countryside, the radios were desperately calling the world.

They asked for help. 

The world, however, remained mute.

Cruelly, obstinately, treacherously and unfeelingly.

There were still some who resisted.

They wanted to stop the largest military force of the world.

They did not succeed.

They could not have succeeded.

Some fell headlong on the cobbles.

Others fled to the mountains, with weapons in their hands.

And there were those who headed for the borders.

200,000 left their country then.

Armed troops and civilians.

It was November 4th.

Today, we know it was a day of mourning.

Let candles burn in every home!

Let us remember them!

Let us remember our fallen selves!

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