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Did you know ...

... that a new application has been developed by 21-year old Karda Edith which indicates the interaction of over 11,000 medicines?  Called Medinfo, the invention also shows their interaction with different foods and drink items, not just alcohol. 

Edith developed the app as part of her Mathematics and Computer Science state exam at the Babes-Bolyai University of Kolozsvár.  So far, Medinfo exists only in English, and does not yet have an online web page.

She had seen the number of medications her grandmother has to take, and her mother, who is a doctor, encouraged her to look into such a project which would be useful not only for the patient, but also for pharmacies.

Edith has received very positive feedback on her invention, and hopes to keep developing it as a start-up.  She has spoken with various firms, but so far has not signed any kind of contract. 

 ... that King Louis II did NOT drown in Csele Brook as he fled the battlefield of Mohács in 1526?  This is what Hungarian students have been taught (for probably centuries!) And something that made all of them shake their head:  NO ONE drowns in a shallow brook!  This ”fact” also helped to fuel the suspicion that the Austrians were behind the king’s demise.

Now researchers have intensely studied the area of the battlefield,  consulting ancient maps and other written sources, and using  archeological resources, have determined that 500 years ago there was a 5 km long side arm of the Danube which has since silted up.  The ruler had crossed Csele Brook in his flight, and was headed for that sidearm of the Danube, which was about 50 meters wide at that point. He probably met his death at its muddy west bank.

The puzzle has finally been solved.  It’s time to correct the textbooks! 

... that a catfish weighing 55 kilos was caught in the Danube near Baja by an angler on September 21st?   Csili Péter said the fish was 2 meters long.  It took him two attempts to lift it into the boat.  After weighing it, Péter gave it a kiss, and returned it into the river.

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