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Did you know ...
Did you know ...

Suhajda Szilárd with companion and the temporary whale structure

... that while we were on vacation, 19-year old Hungarian swimmer Milák Kristóf beat Michael Phelps’ 10-year world record in the 200 m butterfly event at the Gwangju, South Korea world championships this July?  Congratulations for setting another world record with a time of 1:50.73!


At the same venue, Kapás Boglárka won the 200 m women’s butterfly championship, while Hosszú Katinka won the 200 m backstroke championship.

Congratulations to all our Magyar swimmers!

... that  Hungarian Rubik Ernő, father of the world-famous Rubik’s Cube, celebrated his 75th birthday? We wish him many more!

…that Suhajda Szilárd is the 1st Hungarian mountain climber who reached the Himalaya Mountain’s  8,611 m high K2 summit without oxygen and baggage carriers?

The K2 is more dangerous than Mount Everest, due to steeper slopes, and is further North so the weather is unpredictable; but mostly because of avalanches and rock falls.  K2 is also known as Savage Mountain.

Suhajda is a member of the Eseményhorizon” team, and their aim is to reach the 14,000 m Crown of the Himalaya; but before that they had to climb K2 and the Everest without oxygen.  His partner, Klein Dávid, had to return to base due to stomach problems and nausea.  

One down, one to go.  Congratulations to Suhajda Szilárd and his team!

…that a temporary whale sculpture made out of plastic waste recovered from the ocean was on exhibit in Budapest in front of the Parliament building?  The statue was erected by Greenpeace, an international movement to protect the environment, to stop pollution of the oceans.

Most of the plastics are single use items, life spans are measured only in minutes, but it takes 400 to 1000 years for them to disintegrate.


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