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It's a Small World!
It's a Small World!

Maria Rodriguez and I have been friends for over 30 years.  Maria came to the U.S. from Paraguay.  At one time we talked about visiting each other’s birth country.

In 2016, I visited my family in Hungary, and in the last two weeks of my vacation Maria joined me there.  She loved Hungary, Budapest, Balaton, the countryside, my sisters and their families.

This summer Maria went back to Paraguay for a visit; sorry to say, I wasn’t able go with her.

During her visit there, we were communicating via emails.  The other day she sent me one with five attachments.

She visited a museum, the “Centro Cultural de la Republica” that operates in the building of the Town Council.

The photos are of items created by Hungarian immigrants in Paraguay.

I am looking all over the internet to see how many Hungarians are in Paraguay, but I cannot find anything.  Yet I am sure there are some, because Maria found a record of them.

How small is the world!

By-the-way, next time I am going with her!     

Karolina Tima Szabo is a retired Systems Analyst of the Connecticut Post newspaper and Webmaster of Magyar News Online.  She is the proud grandmother of two.

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