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Did You Know ...

Happ Anna

Did You Know...

that 130 years after the first 2 people (Hans Meyer & Ludwig Purtscheller in 1889) climbed to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa, an 11 year-old Hungarian girl accomplished the same feat?  In February of this year, Happ Anna became the youngest girl to make the climb to Uhuru peak at a height of 19,341 feet above sea level.  She was accompanied by her father and a group of 20 climbers.  Oh, by the way, the youngest boy to make this climb was 10 year-old Szemeti Laborc Gellért, another Hungarian, who did it in 2013.  We also shouldn’t fail to mention 11 year-old Szabó Márk, who only made it to Stella Point at a mere height of 18,885 feet.  Let’s applaud them all! 

that the just recently released 2008 vintage Royal Tokaji Essencia is now the world’s most expensive wine, according to Fortune Magazine?  The price tag is $40,000 a bottle.  This tremendous cost is based on 400 pounds of grapes being harvested by hand to create a single bottle and the lengthy 8 year fermentation process.  As a result, only 18 bottles were produced that year.  The good thing is that according to wine experts this kind of wine can age for at least 100 years.  So the price of each of these bottles will probably keep going up as they are passed along among the world’s top wine collectors.

Charles Bálintitt, Jr

...that a 14-year old is being recognized by the International Fair Play Committee?  Last July, when Gosztonyi László Péter was only 13 years old, he took part in a 1000 m Hungarian rowing championship contest.  He was announced as the winner, but insisted that he was not and that the judges should look at the photo-finish.  They did, and realized Péter was right. Thus he made second place in the Youth category.

The purpose of the Fair Play Committee is “to preserve and promote respect for the spirit of fair play and the values it represents.”

The first World Fair Play awards were given out in 1965.  Since then, another Hungarian, the boxer Papp László was also honored by the Committee, in 1992, for his devotion to training young people and his fight against doping.

Since 2000, the President of the International Committee for Fair Play is Kamuti Jenő, winner of silver medals in foil fencing in both the 1968 and 1972 Olympics.

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