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Café Budapest 2019, My Debutante Ball
Café Budapest 2019, My Debutante Ball

Valeria Miklós, President;Eric Mihok and Lilianna Giaume scholarship recipients;Dr. Imre Szakács, Consul and Dr. Balázs Somogyi;Debutantes and their Escorts

The Pannonia Ball is an incredible experience.  I have attended as a guest twice before, but participating in the Debutante dance was especially amazing.  It not only provided me with an opportunity to meet new people in the Hungarian community, but it also allows young women and men to deepen their sense of belonging to a network, a family, of some of the best people they have ever met.  This beautiful ball and my involvement in it has had a wonderful impact on my sense of pride and adoration for my Hungarian heritage.

Ally Szabo is turning 16 in March.  She is a sophomore at Trumbull High School, a member of the Trumbull High School Golden Eagle Marching Band and the Varsity Tennis Club.  


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