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The Hungarian Community Club is sponsoring a concert with The Three Kings - A Három Királyok- a trio of wonderfully talented singers/musicians on Saturday March 2nd at 6 pm.  Gulyas Soup will be served first.  The admission is $35 per person, and reservations may be made by contacting Lajos at 203-530-3557, emailing us at HCCofWallingford@gmail.com, or ordering tickets on-line at our website www.hungarianclubofwallingford.org.  The program will be in Hungarian. Flyer is attached and links to several You Tube performances are listed below.

The Three Kings - 3 Hungarian Artists from Felvidék (Ex-Hungarian territory in Slovakia).
Imre Vadkerti, the front-man of the Kormorán ensemble, who played Koppány in “István, the King's” 25th anniversary, received the 
”Hungarians Abroad Award” from the President of Hungary János Áder last year.

Koppány Kovács is the front-man of the “Romeo Is Bleeding” rock band, president of the cultural organization of the Felvidék city of Somorja, 
and owns many music awards.

György Derzsi singer, actor, composer. In 2001 he graduated from the University of Performing Arts in Operetta and Musicals in Budapest. Director of the 
Hungarian Equestrian Theater in Komárom and a permanent participant in the performances there.

Their program consists of 2 parts, the first part has more serious songs from musicals, rock operas, (“István the King”, “Stars of Eger”, “56 Drops of Blood”) also “Hazám, hazám” from Bánk bán. The second part is a fun, funny, party-like dance and rock songs, a variety of styles.

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