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Várpark – A Park of Castles/Fortresses
Várpark – A Park of Castles/Fortresses

The Várpark is the brainchild of Alekszi Zoltán, who constructed the 35 replicas of medieval fortresses in his backyard. What makes this park unique is that, for the sake of authenticity, he used the same type of wood and stone building materials of which the original castles had been constructed. Laid out within an outline map of pre-World War I Hungary, each maquette is located in its proper position within the country. He chose lesser known and mostly ruined fortresses to include in his park. Judging from photos that include people, many of the fortresses are probably as high as five feet.

Alekszi first began to think seriously about the project in 2012.  A great deal of research and study went into the planning of the park.   

A walk forms the boundary line of the map, and is lined with posts, each of which memorializes a Hungarian king, Transylvanian prince or governor, in three languages. 

According to one source, Alekszi plans to add another 35 maquettes. On certain days, the fortresses are lit up after sunset.   Periodically, ”knightly days” or ”warrior days” are organized.

The Várpark is an excellent place for young people and old to refresh their knowledge of Hungarian history.

Congratulations to Alekszi Zoltán for his unique achievement!

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