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Remembering the Martyrs of Arad

Memory of the 13 generals who were executed by the Austrians in 1849 after that Freedom Fight is refreshed by observances every October 6th.  Statues and other memorials in their honor have been erected in many parts of Hungary, and still continue to be created everywhere.

One of the latest such creation is at Szentkirály, east of Kecskemét in Bács-Kiskún County. It was designed by Szabó Nóra, combining iron and wood into a harmonious memorial.  The candles are of varying heights: those commemorating older generals are shorter, for they had lived/burned for a longer period of time.  The symbolic melted wax flowing together represents their struggle, their sacrifice for the common cause.

The tree trunk was cleaned by native wood carver Czakó Lajos.  Kovácsné Lázár Ilona, who first saw the possibilities of the huge tree trunk, did the glazing.  Her husband, Kovács Menyhért did the blacksmithing work.  

The memorial was dedicated a year ago, in October 2017.

Szentkirály is famous for its bottled mineral water which, together with numerous other brands, is very popular in Hungary, because the water pipes in the old apartment houses are no longer to be trusted. (See the June 2016 issue of Magyar News Online).    On my last visit there seven years ago, Szentkirályi ásványvíz is what I bought and drank every day.

(And no, I’m not getting a commission to promote it!)    

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