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Did you know ...

Did you know…

... that in Budapest there is a woman who still mends nylons?        

Do you remember the time when we didn’t throw away our nylons when the stitch was running?  We simply took them to the “szemfelszedá˝…” (invisible mender).  I recently read in www.szeretlekmagyarorszag.com that the mender’s era may be coming to an end. 

Éva, Kovács Sándorné is the only nylon mender in Budapest, maybe even in the whole country.  Most of her customers are elderly, who use support hose that is worth mending.  (Younger women do not wear nylons as often.)  Fortunately, her husband is an electrician, who can repair her equipment, when necessary.  But she can no longer buy the needles she uses.  Fortunately, she had laid in a supply of them when they were still available. 

She has had a 2m X 2m stand at the Corvin Áruház for 32 years.  The store will close for renovation, so Éva must look for another place to rent for her business.  Can she find one that she can afford in the same neighborhood where she has her clientele?  Can she pass on her knowledge, or is it a dying art, as are many others? 

We wish Éva luck in her search, and wish her another 32 years!

... that there were 10 Hungarian settlements in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan?  They arrived at the beginning of the last century, as agricultural workers.  The most famous of these is Esterházy (named after the immigration agent who brought them there).  The others are Békevár, Buda, Dunaföldvár, Kaposvár, Mátyásföld and Little Moose Lake, Otthon, Pinkefalva, Székelyföld/Máriavölgy, and Szent László.  It is said that even third and fourth generation descendents are proud of their national identity and still speak and sing in Hungarian.


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