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Good-bye to Hungarian Leading Consul Zsuzsanna Király

Good-bye to Hungarian Leading Consul Zsuzsanna Király

Karolina Tima Szabo 

We met Zsuzsanna Király soon after she joined the Consulate in NYC. She was always willing to join area Hungarians in remembering the 1956 Freedom Fight and Revolution, or the Revolution of 1848.  We always looked forward to her speeches that she so faithfully prepared.  In one of her main addresses she spoke about the survival of the Hungarians over a thousand years – enduring occupations, revolutions, wars and many other calamities.

Zsuzsanna’s mandate will expire in July 2018 and she will return to Hungary.

It was just right to invite her one more time to spend time with the MNO Board Members.

On June 16th, a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon, we got together at the grounds of Pannonia Village, a condo complex built by the Danbury Hungarian Club.  Zsuzsanna joined us with her young son Lauren.  We had a nice conversation, reminiscing over the 4 years she spent in the U.S. with her husband and three children.

Zsuzsanna thanked us for our unity, for keeping the Hungarian traditions, and teaching our young ones the language and culture of our people.

Delicious Hungarian and American food were prepared, and we sat at the tables and enjoyed a lovely meal with desserts and drinks.

We will greatly miss her, and wish her a great journey back home, and continued success in her future endeavor, wherever it takes her.

Karolina Tima Szabo is a retired Systems Analyst of the Connecticut Post newspaper and Webmaster of Magyar News Online.  She is the proud grandmother of two.


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