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Today, Boldogkőváralja is Worth the Trip
Today, Boldogkőváralja is Worth the Trip

View from the castle of Boldogkővár

About an hour’s drive, traveling 60km northeast of Miskolc, one arrives at the small village of Boldogkőváralja in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County.  This lovely picturesque village offers numerous leisure activities, including hiking trails and bike riding.  The village is small enough for one to get around easily on foot.  The main point of interest is Boldogkővár, a medieval castle.  It is perched on a scenic lookout and provides a spectacular panoramic view.

The fortress was built during the 13th century after the Tatar (Mongol) invasion.  The Drugeth family had ownership of it during the 15th century.  At that time it underwent a tremendous expansion and thus became a castle.  Over time, the castle suffered great damage.  Recently, it received yet another expansive renovation and the structure is quite different from the one erected so long ago.

Boldogkővár is open to visitors from March to October.  The castle has a well-preserved knight’s hall.  A tourist will find an extensive display presenting important events in Hungarian history.  Other exhibits include a military history, prison, torture chambers and numerous other points of interest.

Visitors who have had the pleasure of seeing the castle first hand have been greatly inspired by the view.  Some have expressed that it is a must see.  Thus, this quiet village of Boldogkőváralja beckons those who enjoy a slower pace with a magnificent view.

Would Grandpa Gazsi recognize it?  

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