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New Hungarian School in Danbury

New Hungarian School in Danbury

viola vonfi

Qualified to teach children at the kindergarten level as well as grade school, Dóra Peller started teaching at the MSA-sponsored school in Fairfield.  She came to the States four years ago, when her husband, who works for an international hi-tech firm, was transferred here. 

”Most of the young ones speak Hungarian, and it is obvious which parents find it important and spend time with them to foster the language,” explains Dóra. Chief aim of the study aids she uses is to expand the students’ vocabulary.

After spending two hours (11 AM to 1 PM) in Fairfield on alternate Saturday mornings, she then heads north to accommodate those children for whom Fairfield would be too far, or whose parents’ schedule  precludes them from attending there.  Classes in Danbury run from 3 to 5 PM, usually ending with a game of hide and seek.

In addition to her teaching skills,  Dóra has a talent that endears her to young and old alike: she does face painting, and is available for birthday parties, corporate events and festivals.

She and her pupils’ parents are planning a „farsangi mulatság” (carnival festival)  for February 17th (see poster with the lead on the first page).

viola vonfi is our correspondent from Stamford, CT.  She finds it amusing that one of her ancestors was knighted by Wallenstein during the Thirty Years’ War.


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