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Did you know ...

Did you know…

… that  January 6th marks the 40th anniversary of  the return of St. Stephen’s  Holy Crown from the United States to Hungary?  The Crown was taken to the U.S. after WWII for safe keeping.  It was held at Fort Knox under guard, and it was President Carter’s decision to send the Crown back to Hungary, with the one condition that the Crown could not be taken out of Hungary.   

The Holy Crown was at Magyar Nemzeti Múzeum  (Hungarian National Museum) until January 1st, 2000, when it was transferred  to the Parliament, and can now be viewed there.

… that the Hungarian gulyás leves, the 240 year-old Porcelain of Holloháza and the Order of the Paulines (the Pálos Rend - the only men’s religious Order founded in Hungary)  became  a Hungaricum on December 6, 2017?  (A “Hungaricum” is a traditional product or institution that is unique and indigenous to Hungary, and is protected by law.)  These have brought the number of products and institutions in this category to 70.

... that a votive column has been set up in Óbuda,  honoring Hadrian for the 1900th anniversary of his assuming the office of Roman Emperor?  His Hungarian connection was that, before assuming the emperorship, he had been governor of Aquincum, the former Roman settlement which he had raised to the status of city, and which is located in what is now northern Budapest.  The column, a copy of one found in a Roman villa, was dedicated on December 18th, 2017.

Excavating for new construction in and around Budapest, most contractors find Roman ruins, vestiges of the Roman Province of Pannonia.  Their work is often slowed down by the need to find a viable solution to preserve them.   

... that the city of Győr has been chosen to host the 2019 World Robotic Olympiad?  Eligible to participate will be students between the ages of 7 and 25, who will be challenged to build robots that ”can navigate obstacle courses, take on unique challenges or win a game of robot football.”

This year, the Hungarian team won second place in the Advanced Robotics Challenge category in Costa Rica. 

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