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Kicsi a világ!

Agnes with her newfound relative

Kicsi a világ!

It happened in 2006, on the trip to Transylvania that my friend Piroska Molnár Haywood had organized.  With us was a friend from Canada, Agnes DiBalasi, and this day we were headed to Kászonimpér, to see the  DiBalasi manor house of her ancestors. 

On the way, we saw groups of pilgrims walking to Csíksomlyó for the annual Pentecost celebration.  As we approached Kászonimpér, we saw two men with rucksacks, who seemed like pilgrims too, but were apparently somewhat off the main track.  Our driver passed them, and we arrived at the manor house.  It was closed, of course, but someone went to find the caretaker with the key.

While we were waiting, the two men we had seen along the road walked up.  They too wanted to see the house.  The reason?  One of them was also a DiBalasi descendent.  Although they were not aware of each other’s existence, he and Agnes were actually related! 

As we went inside, there was a family tree on the wall, and they could see their names inscribed!

If this was in a book, the reader would shake his head and say, “A writer can concoct anything!” But no, this actually happened, because ... ... It’s a Small World! 

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