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Wed, Oct 17, 2018
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It’s a Small World! Kicsi a világ!

I was watching my grandkids at the Stamford, CT Nature Center in the playground area, when I noticed a pretty little girl approximately six years old looking at me.  I was thinking about how much she resembled my granddaughters living in Germany, when she blurted out, “I speak German.”  A little startled, I really didn’t know how to respond but I answered, “Do you live in Germany?”

“No,” she said, “we live here.”  “Where are your Mom and Dad?”  I continued.  “Over there,” she pointed.

I went over to them, introduced myself, and explained that, coincidentally, my son and his family live in Germany.  I asked if they were visiting and they replied that they had recently moved here.  Introducing themselves with a surname of “Szabó,” you can imagine my surprise and curiosity!  I had to learn more.

They were Germans and the Dad hardly knew any Hungarian, even though his father was Hungarian.  After welcoming the family (they also had a little boy) to Stamford, I translated “Kicsi a világ!”, and they agreed that it is, indeed, a Small World!

Paul Soos is a member of the Editorial Board of Magyar News Online, a lay reader at St. Ladislaus R.C. Church in South Norwalk, CT, and a student at the Magyar Studies Hungarian School in Fairfield.  He is a former U.S. Air Force Officer.

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