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Saying Good-Bye to Joseph Balogh

After I met my husband-to-be in New York, he mentioned that there was a very active Hungarian community in Connecticut.  He spoke about the Hubertus Ball, and that the main organizer among the Hungarians of Connecticut was Joseph Balogh.

I made a mental note of it, but we did not come to Connecticut in those days, so I did not meet Joseph at that time.  By the time we moved to Connecticut years later, my husband was ill and so we did not participate immediately in the Hungarian social scene.  But I did hear Claudia, as she read a piece of the “Hungarian Mosaic” on the radio.  And I also heard the broadcast when they announced the station’s immediate closing of the Hungarian program.

As I later learned, this was the motivation for Joseph to start Magyar News.  Then I saw a copy of the paper, which aroused my interest.  In time, I got to know Joseph and Claudia, and started sending articles for the paper.  Only a writer can appreciate what it really meant to have Joseph publish them! 

I was fortunate to be able to visit Joseph at his home, where I could gain personal insight into the editing of Magyar News.  I admired his wide range of interest, his technical know-how and his persistent Hungarian spirit.  Being a journalist myself, we spoke each other’s language.

Every month I looked forward to the latest issue of Magyar News.  When Joseph announced that he would no longer publish it, I could not accept that.  Neither could others.  With Bob Kranyik in the lead, several of us decided that we would continue, as far as we were able, what Joseph had started, even if in a different form.

We were aware that his were large shoes to fill.  That is how, with some hesitation, Magyar News Online came into being in the summer of 2007, with Joseph Balogh as our Editor Emeritus.  We tried to follow his example, providing news of Hungarian events in the Bridgeport-Fairfield area, to acquaint our readers with manifestations of Hungarian culture here and elsewhere around the world, and to keep track of cultural, scientific and sporting events in Hungary.  This is what our enthusiastic Editorial Board has been working on for the past ten years, and hopes to continue to do for years to come. 

Last April, together with several members of the Editorial Board, I was pleased to be able to congratulate Jóska on his 95th birthday – Jóska who for so many years had been the grand old man of the Bridgeport-Fairfield Hungarian community.

In the name of Magyar News Online, I would like to emphasize that we will greatly miss your creative inspiration and guidance, Jóska!  We will, to the best of our ability, continue to cultivate your spiritual legacy!

May you rest in peace! 


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