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Hungarian Violinists to Give Benefit Concert
Hungarian Violinists to Give Benefit Concert

Two Hungarian violinists, Lugosi Veronika and Lugosi Zsófia will give a charity concert at 3:30 PM on Sunday, November 5th at the Auditorium of St. Joseph’s Church, 420 East 87th St., New York, to benefit Puerto Rican victims of Hurricane Maria.  It will follow the Hungarian Mass held in the church at 2 PM.

The sisters come from a very musical family:  their mother, Lugosi Kovács Ágnes plays the piano; their father, Lugosi László turns the pages and organizes the life of the family, while their brother Zoltán plays the clarinet.

Originally from Szolnok, the family moved to Budapest when Veronika was admitted to the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music at the age of 10, and was placed in a class for the exceptionally talented.  The Hungarian government provided a scholarship for her, and she is also a member of the Hungarian Radio Orchestra.

Her younger sister Zsófia also studied the violin and a few years later joined Veronika at the Academy. 

Their brother Zoltán took up the clarinet, and studied in the conservatory for four years. He has been characterized by another clarinet player as being the kind of talent that is born only once every hundred years.

The Lugosi family originally started playing for themselves, and then was asked to record a CD in 1999. Their repertoire includes classical as well as film music, light music from musicals, klezmer, symphonic praise, ragtime, and  Irish, country and Dixie music.

Veronika has said that they play to bring joy to people, and her brother Zoltán added that ”it’s easier to talk by means of instruments”.  They have received numerous prizes and awards for their performances.

They have given  concerts in Canada, Switzerland and Japan. This is the sisters’ first American tour.  Their Sunday program will include pieces by Mozart, Bartók and others. 

We urge you to patronize the concert and help the good cause!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Background information has been taken from ”Lugosi family a csodacsapat”, Hetek Közéleti Hetilap, 3/22/2002.

viola vonfi is our correspondent from Stamford, CT.


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