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Did you know ...

... that Bill Dana, best known as the comic character José Jiménez, was born William Szathmáry in Quincy, MA?  He served in the US Army in WW II, then joined NBC as a page.  He performed on ”The Imogene Coca Show”,  ”The Danny Thomas Show”, etc. He wrote comedy routines for Don Adams, stand-up comedian who used a routine of his on his sitcom. That led to Dana’s being hired to write for ”The Steve Allen Show”, for which he created the Bolivian character José Jiménez in 1959. 

Bill Dana died at age 92 on June 15th, 2017.

... that the film ”Testről és lélekről” (On Body and Soul), directed by Enyedi Ildikó, won the grand prize of 60,000 Australian dollars at the Sydney Film Festival in June?  She is the first female film director to win this prize. 

The same film had won the Golden Bear Best Film Award in Germany at the Berlinale in February.





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