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Going to the Dogs!

We have already looked at some popular doggie-related words and sayings in earlier issues, but they just keep turning up.  So we thought we would bunch some more together for you.

kutyafuttában = doing something in a hurry

kutyagolni = trudging

kutyagumi = dog poop = not worth anything

kutya kötelessége =  it’s his/her bounden duty

kutya-macska barátság = live like cat and dog

nagy kutya = he’s a bigwig

Kutya baja sincs! = There’s nothing wrong with him/her.

Egy kutya! = It’s all the same.

Kutyába se veszi. =  Doesn’t give a darn.

Bánja, mint a kutya, mely kilencet kölykedzett. = He/she regrets it, like the dog that gave birth to nine puppies.


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