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Did You Know ...

The Smart car and the SZEnergy Team; Mányoki Attila

Did You Know …

by Zsuzsa Lengyel

…. that the Aria Hotel in Budapest, which opened in 2015, is considered the number 1 hotel in the world, according to TripAdvisor`s ranking? 

It is an impressive neoclassical building, a former bank located in the heart of the city.  The special characteristic of the building is that as soon as you enter you are surrounded by beautiful melodies.  In the lobby there is a long black-and-white keyboard carpet which ends by a space-age piano designed by Bogányi Gergely.  The building is split into four wings, each representing a different musical genre, and all the bedrooms are dedicated to a different artist.

A High Note SkyBar on top of the building gives you a beautiful view of the cupola of the Basilica and of the whole city.

…. that Székesfehérvári püspöki sörök (Bishop’s beers of Székesfehérvár) received several prizes in the 2017 Barcelona Beer Challenge?  The Prépost porter earned a silver medal in the English Porter category, and Szt. Imre wheat beer earned a bronze medal in the Weissbier  (white beer) category.  Monyo Brewing Co., which manufactures Bishop`s beers, also received a silver medal for their historical Anubis beer.

25 countries participated in the Barcelona Beer Challenge and more than 800 beers were entered from  203 breweries. 

Spányi Antal, the dioceasan bishop, said that when naming these beers after Hungarian saints, his consideration was more pastoral than business-oriented, and he had in mind the Prépost (provost) who was  guarding the Hungarian Crown in Székesfehérvár.

…that an electric car developed in Hungary can go about 200 km (about 125 mi), and the trip costs only 45 forints (about $.15)? It is smaller than an average car, the length is similar to the Smart car, but it is lower and narrower.

It was designed by a SZEnergy Team formed in 2005 at Széchenyi István University in Győr to work on an environment-friendly and energy saving vehicle. The team consists of 22 university students and is supported by 6-8 mentors.

For the last 8 years, they have participated in the Shell Ecomarathon, which is the largest competition of energy saving vehicles. The goal is for participating vehicles to go large distances with the least amount of energy use. Right now, these SZElectricity vehicles are only used in competition in the small town car category, but it is very possible that in the future their production will start with some adjustments and will be used on the streets.

…that Mányoki Attila, a 43 year old Hungarian long distance swimmer, successfully swam one of the world’s most dangerous straits, the Cook Strait in New Zealand? This was the fifth stop of the Ocean’s Seven series.

He had to wait several weeks, until the weather cleared enough to try. The Strait is 26 km wide, and he made it in 6 hours and 55 minutes in the 14⁰ C water. He started out from the the Perano Head Rocks of the Southern Island. The first few hundred meters were hard, because the waves were pushing him back towards the rocks, and there were a lot of medusas (jellyfish), luckily they were about a meter below him. After that he managed a good average speed. There were many dolphins all around, for long periods, sometimes he even touched them, they were so close. Nearing the other side, it became harder again against the waves, and the cold was starting to get to him. Near the shore the water became very murky and he had a hard time locating the rock which was under water so that he could raise his hand to show the boatmen he had made it.

Mányoki has already swum La Manche (2013); the Tsugaru Channel between Honshu and Hokkaido in Japan (2014), considered the most difficult aquatic obstacle in the world; the Molokai Channel and the Catalina Channel in 2015.   Of the Ocean’s Seven series, only the North Channel (between Ireland and Scotland) and the Strait of Gibraltar remain for him.  So far, only six people have completed all seven swims. 

Zsuzsa Lengyel is Associate Webmaster of Magyar News Online. 

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