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Book Review: Hungary and the Defense of European Civilization

Book Review:

Hungary and the Defense of European Civilization

by Sergio Fernández Riquelme

Reviewed by Miklós Cseszneky

Sergio Fernández Riquelme, a historian and professor of sociology at the University of Murcia in Spain, has written a Spanish-language book entitled ”Hungría y la defensa de la civilización europea" (Hungary and the Defense of European Civilization) examining the conservative and identitarian policies of the government of Viktor Orbán and its open defiance of the European political status quo.

In his work, published as part of the series "La Razón Histórica," Professor Fernández Riquelme presents a historical synthesis of this linguistically and ethnically unique central European country, which in recent years has often hit the headlines in the European press due to the Orbán governmentʼs vehement opposition to the phenomenon of large-scale migration, staunchly opposed not only by Hungary but other Central European nations as well.

The volume also addresses identity issues within the European Union in the face of the socio-cultural homogenization that accompanies the era of globalization.

(Fernández Riquelme, Sergio: Hungría y la defensa de la civilización europea, Murcia, 2016, "La Razón Histórica")

Miklós Cseszneky comes from the nobility (he is Gróf – Count – milványi Cseszneky Miklós) and studied Law in Szeged. Between 2003 and 2005, he was President of the Young Democratic Forum of Csongrád County.  He is an International Relations Expert living in England. 


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