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American Hungarian Federation Gala Dinner

Consul Szakács Imre; dancers; Fr. Csete Iván; National President Nagy Ákos

American Hungarian Federation Gala Dinner


To celebrate the 110th anniversary of its founding, members of the American Hungarian Federation of the Tri-State area held a gala dinner at the facilities of the Garfield (NJ) American Hungarian Citizens’ League (Garfieldi polgári líga) on April 22nd.  A hundred people attended the festivities, including Consul Szakács Imre of New York, who is also Counselor of National Cohesion.  He spoke about the importance of all Hungarians, no matter where they may be in the diaspora.

Rev. Csete Iván gave the opening invocation, followed by greetings offered by National President Nagy Ákos and encouraging words by Vass Ildikó, National Secretary.  Honorary President Beke Imre gave a brief summary of the Federation’s founding by Kohanyi Tivadar in Cleveland as an umbrella organization representing over 500 Hungarian societies and churches.  

Highlighting some major accomplishments of the Federation, Beke mentioned the erection of the statue of George Washington in Budapest in 1906 (see Magyar News Online, February 2012); the buying and sending of a dozen ambulances to Hungary during World War I; help provided to Hungarians who – without moving from their native place – found themselves living in another country after Trianon; organization of the two ”nemzetgyülés” (”national assemblies”) in 1929 and 1999; and the cooperation of the Federation with the Hungarian government in the joint laying of a wreath at the 1956 memorial in Passaic, NJ.

The delicious dinner was followed by dancing to the music of the Horváth Duo and a raffle of many prizes. 

The Reverend Ötvös Zsolt of the Reformed Church of New Brunswick gave a closing prayer.  Fr. Juhász Imre (also of New Brunswick) asked the Lord's blessing that all might get home safely. 

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