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March 15th Remembrance
March 15th Remembrance

Left:Statue of Lajos Kossuth; Top right: 1956 memorial; Bottom: Péter Szilágyi, Deputy Secretary of State for National Policy, George Pataki, former Governor of New York State


Since there was a big celebration planned in New York City for the March 15th remembrance, combined with the dedication of the memorial to the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, nothing was planned locally. Despite being one of the coldest days this winter, quite a few people gathered in Riverside Park, where a statue of Lajos Kossuth is located. (The statue was funded by American citizens of Magyar origin, dedicated on March 15, 1928 before a crowd of 25,000 people.)

The Hungarian government was represented by Hon. Szilágyi Péter, Deputy Secretary of State for National Policy. Several other dignitaries were present: Ferenc Kumin, Consul General of Hungary, Ambassador Réka Szemerkényi, former governor of New York State George Pataki and the president of the Hungarian American Memorial Committee László Papp.  A welcome speech was delivered by John Herold, Park Administrator and President of the Riverside Park Conservancy.

Afterwards there was a reception and a program at the Hungarian House. There were a couple of speeches, recital of poems and folk dancing by the Délibáb Népi Táncegyüttes. 

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