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Did you know ....

... that the first paper mill in Hungary was set up at Lőcse, probably before 1515? Though the date of its establishment is not known, it is documented to have burnt down on November 24th, 1530.

Lőcse is located in the Felvidék (Upper Hungary), 40 km west of Eperjes.  Géza II (12th century) brought in settlers from Saxony to populate the area. It became an economic center, and its schools and print shops were famous. The population accepted the teachings of Martin Luther and helped Prince Rákóczi Ferenc II who led the Freedom Fight against the Austrians (1703 – 1711).  On that account, the city was frequently subject to siege. Yet most of the medieval city walls have been preserved. 

Géczy Julianna, Korponay Jánosné was the lover of Baron Andrássy István, commanding officer of Lőcse fortress.  She was instrumental in turning the city over to the besieging Austrian troops in 1710. She expected to be rewarded for her treason, but instead was arrested and beheaded at Győr in September of 1715. She was immortalized by the novelist Jókai Mór as ”The White Woman of Lőcse”.

Today, Lőcse is in Slovakia.



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