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It’s a Small World!

The mega mansion across the street had replaced the charming California bungalow after it was sold in 2010 and which was promptly demolished. It took nearly two years for the new house to be built, and it would stay empty for three years before a family from Iran bought it last August.

My husband is the friendly type who went over to welcome the new neighbours. I met them soon after, and discovered that the daughter had graduated from Semmelweiss Orvosi Egyetem in Budapest* with a degree in Dentistry in July. She was in the English program, so can speak very little Hungarian. The son, on the other hand, is totally fluent and speaks our mother tongue flawlessly! It’s such a delight to hear him say: “Kezit csókolom” each time I see him! How I wish that my dear Mom would be alive, because she would be most impressed! Reza spent nearly ten years in Budapest, where he earned a couple of degrees in Business Administration. 

The world is truly getting ever smaller! Valóban egyre kicsibb a világ!

* the oldest medical school in Hungary, having been established in 1769

Judith Eöry Colby is a cousin of our Editorial Board member Éva Wajda, and lives in North Vancouver, Canada. (That explains the British spelling of certain words!)


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