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Did you know…

…that “Hungarian Queen’s Water” (Aqua Reginae Hungariae) was created in 1370 for Elizabeth, mother of King Louis the Great, scented with rosemary?

Legend has it that, after using this scented water, the 70-year old Elizabeth was transformed into such a beautiful woman that the King of Poland fell in love with her and asked for her hand in marriage.

The German “Eau de cologne” (“kölni víz”) was derived from the Hungarian Queen’s Water in the 18th century, in the city of Köln, by the Farina family, and contained lavender and citrus oil.

Today’s perfumes may contain over 100 different substances as well as artificial scents.

In the Easter custom of locsolás, the young men nowadays use mostly “kölni víz” – probably never realizing its historic Hungarian origin.

Karolina Szabo

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